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Ikke is nog in de race.  Hij heeft haar onderstaande mail gestuurd in het engels.  En hij heeft zwaar te pakken van onze Anastasia. 😉 Maar da’s niet gek natuurlijk, zie hoe ze vol overgave op hem reageert.

De mail :

Verzonden: donderdag 12 november 2009 1:21
Aan: 'Anastasia'
Onderwerp: Come to me, whatever it takes!

Hoi, my most beloved Anastasia,  Thank God, it took four days before you replied to me. I thought I did something wrong. But I still feel a tremendous love from/to you. And I must say, honestly, I love you more than anything in this world. Anastasia Pritulina you must be my wife, I will ask you one day: Pretty lady, will you marry me??? Do you? Can’t live without you anymore. So I must beg you, please come to Holland, or I will come to St. Petersburg. I must meet my lovely Anastasia, and her family.

When I overlook your photo’s of the past it seems to me you are well capable to live your own life. Therefore I think it is best possible for you can raise the money (340 euro) for your travel to Holland. When you are in my arms, and I kissed you Welcome in Holland, we go to my place. After that we can discuss the money problems you have had. I still hope you come to me, because I want you, to love me, as I want me to love you.

You must understand that the money I earn is easily spend. I must pay alimony for my 14 years old son. Also paying for my University studying daughter, so for my own living there is nothing left. So it is impossible for me to sent you money, although I love you the most. I have obligations. In the attachment the is some fictive money, hope you like it, come to me!!!!!  You told me that your visa will be valid for 90 days. Well I can arrange some holidays, but when you want to stay the whole 90 days, you are most welcome. I like to have you near me, as close as possible!  And of course, I am working three shifts a week, so I am home when others do their work, and I am working when other people have their freedom.

I  will spend a lot of time with my gorgeous Anastasia. I think you can fly best to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. When you give all information about your flight I will be waiting for my beloved Anastasia.  My address is: Damrak 277 1012 ZJ Amsterdam

I am anxious to meet my darling!