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Inna is al een poosje stil en eerlijk is eerlijk, qua looks is het ook maar een jong snuisterijtje. Tatyana daarentegen is wel het type vrouw wat me aanspreekt. Een soort van Angelina Jolie, maar net wat meer volume. Een zien of ik deze wel tot een reactie en meer foto’s kan bewegen.


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Van:        DenBolle
Datum:      Wed, 09 Mar 2011 21:42:18 +0100
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Op 07-03-11 21:04, Tatyana schreef:
[snip meuk]

Hi Tatyana,

Well,  to be honest,  I’m quite impressed by your English already. You’ve mastered it very well I think.
I can understand why you don’t want to stay in Russia if there aren’t any perspectives for you.  If you come to the western part of europe be prepared that the ‘climate’ is changing. Not anyone can just come in and start working nowadays.
It’s important to have the right papers but as you told the agency probably will take care of that.
But that’s all formal stuff.

Please tell me more about you and your self. Where do you come from, what kind of woman are you and what do you expect from me? And excuse me for beeing that direct, but you we’re asking if you are my type of girl. That depends on a lot of things of course, just like it’s not sure that I’m the type of man you’re looking for.  But after seeing your photo’s I’m definitely interested, because the looks you have are the ones I like the most.

In regards to your photo request I’ve made an appointment with the local photographer here so he can deliver the photos digitally to me.

Hope to hear soon from you,