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Kijk, eerlijk is eerlijk. Die foto’s  laten wel een leuke griet zien. Of het echt haar zusje is vraag ik me af, ik verdenk haar ervan dat het gewoon toch haar dochtertje is.  Zoals in de vorige post over Tatyana al was beschreven verdenk ik het scammende team ervan om beter op de hoogte van het engels te zijn dan in eerdere acties van de russianbrides. Daarom een onvertaalbaar typisch nederlands gebruik ingezet en kijken of ze hierop terug komen.

Mijn mail aan haar :

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Van: DenBolle
Datum: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 13:19:37 +0100
Aan: Tatyana <>

Op 10-03-11 21:40, Tatyana schreef:

[snip meuk]

Hi Tatyana,

don’t worry about your english mistakes, I’m sure I make quite some myself because english isn’t, just like you, my native language. And do accept my compliments about the way you look. You are really good looking.  And I’m ashamed to admit, but you’re right about men. We tend to look indeed to faces, legs etc before we try to understand the real women behind it.

Let me tell you some about myself.

I’m 34 years  old (I hope that’s not to old for you) and have studied at the High Education facility in Deventer, in the eastern part of Holland. At this time I’m working at a institute for palliative treatments here in the Netherlands, at the research and development department.  It’s a new social treatment for the elderly people here, and because it’s rather new we need to do a lot of testing. Last week we had some issues at the plant, and that was the reason that I didn’t answer sooner. Sorry for that.

I was born in the eastern part of the netherlands, but at this time I’m living and working in the southern part of the Netherlands. We did build quite some dykes in the past but with all those climate changes I prefer to be on a little higher altitude just in case.

I was never married before, and don’t have any children. Perhaps when I meet the right one I would like to have some children, but only if it feels right. I think children should have a loving mother and father, don’t you think?

My hobbies and habits are average I think: I love to read, drive a motorcycle and I do quite a lot of swimming. When I’m going home I pass the swimming pool  and it’s easy to drop in then. I’m 1.82 mtrs high, and weigh approximately 83 Kgs. I regards to your important questions : I do drink sometimes alcohol, a tasty red wine or a small glass wiskey in the late evening.  I’ve never been rude to women, why do you ask?  I’ve never smoked in my live, nor did I feel the urge to try it.  What I did as a student though was skibbelen (I don’t know the english word for it) which if you do it right can be quite pleasant and satisfying.  But you can understand, when you get older some habits die and so did skibbelen. I would like to do some time again, but only with someone I really trust.

You mentioned that you would stay outside Russia for three months because of the work the agency has for you. In what country are you going to work? And of course, what kind of work will you do?

I’m wondering if you could tell me more about yourself? And with that I mean about what you seek in life or in your partner? I understand that these questions are a lot but I have to admit that I’m impressed by you, your explanations and that you will seek a future outside Russia.

Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon!