Tatyana komt mijn kant op. Tuurlijk, maar ik speel wel even mee. Als lokkertje rijlessen ingezet en mijn adres gegevens doorgegeven.   Benieuwd wat zij er van vindt.  En natuurlijk snap ik dat vrouwen iets anders in elkaar zitten, maar dat vindt zij ook van mannen en daarom kreeg ik de vorige keer wat ‘optische mindsets‘ door..

Mijn mail aan haar :

Van: DenBolle
Datum: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 21:09:32 +0100
Aan: Tatyana

Op 15-03-11 21:34, Tatyana schreef:
Hi Tatyana,
Thanks a lot for your open approach on the relationship between man and woman. For you being sometimes impatient isn’t a big issue, I think all people are impatient. I’m happy that you are aware of your own characteristics. And acting without thinking happened to me also 😉 Specially when love is concerned. I’m not always an angel but when I give my heart to someone it’s for real, and I’ll always try to make the other happy and treat her well. And my less popular side is that I can be sometimes stubborn about my opinion on things. And cheating : don’t worry.. that doesn’t fit in a real and open relationship with someone I trust.

I love to swim also, on average I’m swimming 4 nights a week, when I come home from the office. It’s fun to do, and takes the stress of the working day away. And bbq’ ing.. thats a big advantage, I really love to do it. Sometimes with meat, the other times with fish, and some nice wines with it. and then, of course, in good company of friends or a beloved one.
About lying and being unfaithful : I’m always honest and faithful. Just because I respect people (when they earned it) and lies and dishonesty shouldn’t be in a relationship between people. But I’m not sure, does that make me kind? Just like you asked?

When you are in the netherlands by your agency (I presume that they are locating you in the netherlands) I could give you some driving lessons ( I’ve got my own car) but perhaps it’s smarter to see if we could arrange a crash-course (with that I don’t mean a course in crashing of course 😉 ) with say 20 or 25 lessons. Then you would be in the possession of a real drivers licence (what you could turn into a russian one without any problem at the embassy I think) and you should be able to go anywhere you would like. I’ll lent you my car of course.

If we would meet and stay together no one could mind, I’ve got no children nor a other girlfriend, and I promise I won’t look to an other one.

Your thought about politicians are right I think, just recently an other war (the one in Libya) has started. Even if Khaddafy is a complete fool or not, it’s a war again.

I could help you with English, but could I learn Russian? Isn’t that a hard to learn language?
For your trip :
My details :
Den Bolle
Europaweg 4
2711 AH Zoetermeer
the nearest Airport is probably Schiphol, near Amsterdam.

I have to admit that the idea of seeing you sometime is exiting I neither I can believe this is real. It is real, isn’t it? And about the picture’s: thanks a lot, I appreciate you being open about your body, but I still believe more in attitude and honesty, so I won’t interpret you picture wrong. And believe me, you;ve got something to be proud of, your education as a sport instructor did pay off.

Well Dear, hope to hear from you soon! Kisses!