Liudmila -II

Tja.. deze was op de eerste foto’s wel leuk om te zien, dus als een professioneel spammert terug gemaild, geen orginele teksten, maar gewoon eens teasen.

Mijn Mail :

Hi Ludmilla,

I was suprised and happy by your mail. I’m sorry that I couldn’t answer
soner, because I was on a trip.
Let me explain some about the country I’m living in : The netherlands.

Our country is mostly below sealevel, wich we defend by dikes. We’re not
always walking on wooden shoes, only on special occasions. We do ride a
lot of bikes and sometime women too, but that’s a local habit.
If you come to Holland please let me know, I’m happy to show you around here.

I hope my english is good enough to understand, but please let know if you
have difficulties reading this.



En tot mijn verbazing, want het duurde nog al, toch een reactie :

————————- Oorspronkelijk bericht ————————-
Onderwerp: Re: re : How are you, nice to meet you
Datum: Ma, 19 juli, 2010 20:09
Aan: “Denbolle” <[snip]>

Hello dear Den!!!

Liudmilla --- let op de achtergrond : palmbomen

How are you? I hope that all good for you!!! I’m really happy because I have your
answer to my letter. THANKS YOU!!!
As you can understand already my name is Liudmila and now I use my regular e-mail
address. So, please, answer to me on this address. Ok? I hope…
I got your e-mail address in Internet dating agency. I sent to them my first letter
and they sent it to you. Now I see that it worked without any problems!!!
Ok, it’s really good because we can to develop our relations and write a letters
every day!!! Do you agree with me? I hope…
I really like to search from new peoples. I had many contacts with peoples from many
countries. But 7 months ago I got letter from European man.
His name is Peter. He have told that he search for a woman from Russia for marriage.
I got interest to this letter and answered to Peter.
He wrote to me a nice letters, sent to me his pictures, called to me. I was very
happy also and I thought that I found good man for family together!!!
But he played with me only. When I have told to him that I want to arrive to Europe
and I try to get my visa he said to me that he have family with 3 children.
I was in shock… It was very hard… I not understood this act…. But this
situation in past and I live in present time now!!!

Klassieke (overbelichte) pose...

So, as you can to understand this story I will have my visa soon and I have all
chances to fly to your beautiful country!!
One problem only… I don’t know any peoples in Europe who can meet me… Also I
will be glad if I will find good man for serious relations…
What do you think about that? Can you help me in this situation? I really hope that
you will not play with me and will write to me only TRUE!!! Ok?

Please, if you have REALLY interest to my letter and REALLY want to have serious
relations with woman from Russia I will be very happy to receive your letter again.
I’m serious woman who is 29 years old (My Birthday is August, 13, 1981) and I don’t
want to waste my time for games again. I hope to receive your letter again…
If, yes, so please tell me about you (date of birthday, hobby, work, photos)… I
will wait…

Your Liudmila