Liudmila – III

Het gaat druk en spannend worden. Er zijn inmiddels wat privé ontwikkelingen waardoor ik wat krapper in de tijd kom te zitten, en ook mijn rust moet nemen. Daarom heb ik geen tijd voorlopig om met de russian brides verder te gaan, en da’s van die ene Liudmilla wel zonde.. Eens kijken of we kort zaken kunnen doen met de spammerts die er achter zitten.

Onderwerp: Re: re : How are you, nice to meet you
Van: “denbolle”
Datum: Do, 29 juli, 2010 17:43

Dear Liudmilla,

I’m not sure how to discuss this, but I’m afraid that you don’t exist in
real life. Actually, I think what is going on is something like this:

You (the reader of this email) are one of a bunch of guys and girls who’ll
try to get a easy buck from a email victim in the western part of Europe.
We’ll have some email contact and with each email you’ll send a picture of
the girl, and makes it look like I’m mailing with a nice girl to see.

In a later stage we will discuss life, hobbies and interests we’ll have in
common. Every email will be accompanied with more nice pictures of
After about 5 to 10 email you’ll pretend to be in love with me and
convince me that I’m your love of life. And actually, I’m only having the
pictures, will probably have some feelings also. Me being somewhat older,
slightly overweight, and the bald spots start to occur, will be pleased to
have the (pretended) attention of such a beautiful girl.

Just some time after that we will make arrangements to see each other, and
due to circumstances you will need to borrow the money from me, but I can
rest assured, you’ll give it back as soon as you’re with me. But then,
disaster strikes, the plane didn’t work, grandma (babuska) is getting ill,
and the money is needed for other things than coming to me, and make me
come. I’ll send some more money and from that point on I’ll get a little
suspicious, but you and your team will send more pictures and convince me
that all is well. That process can go on for months, me sending money,
you emailing pictures etc.

What actually happens is this : I’m publishing everything (both your and
my emails, pictures) etc. on a weblog. We’ll have locally some fun about
the stories that are made up, and try to con you by pretending I’m sending
money by Western Union (oh wait. Sorry, that’s used for the nigger
skammers) Money Gram I mean, and thus building a relation ship.

So, just as one faker to the other one : can we skip al that shit, and
just send me the pictures from Liudmilla, because she’s actually nice

I’m capable of receiving large mails, so put all together en mail it to me.

Thanks in advance, and have fun trying to con the others !